Friday, December 9, 2011

Practical Wedding Favors - Items Your Guests Can Really Use

!±8± Practical Wedding Favors - Items Your Guests Can Really Use

The best gift to give anyone is one that can be used on a regular basis. What is the point of buying someone a gift that will be thrown in a drawer somewhere, put in the back of a closet, or even worse: re-gifted. You strive to buy the people in your life gifts that they can use, so use the same principle when buying wedding favors.

Pretty party favors are nice and make your tables look great, but what good are they if they only sit on the shelf and collect dust? Practical wedding favors are those that will be used again and again by your guests, even after they have left your event.


Candles are popular and practical wedding favors because they can be used over and over again. The trick is to find a candle that gives off a scent that is irresistible to your guests. Surely, we have all received candles with scents that we didn't like, so make sure that you pick popular fragrances that not only you, but most importantly your guests will enjoy. Remember, these practical favors are for their use! Get a variety of candles for each attendee to increase the chance that your guests will absolutely love their favors.


What is something we use just about everyday, take with us everywhere we go, and get mad if we lose? Our keys! What better idea for practical wedding favors than keychains engraved with information about your special day for each guest?

A couple of creative and different varieties of these practical favors include crystal heart keychains, leather frame keychains with a picture of you and the groom inside, and engagement ring keychains. You may want a chic leather stilletto keychain for your sassy and fashionable female guests.

Not everyone will put your wedding favor on their key ring, but some certainly will. The more guests you have to give your practical wedding favors to, the better chance you have of having a good amount of people walking around with a constant reminder of your wedding day. They will never forget that day-at least not until they move, change cars, or leave their keys somewhere by accident. But then, at least the person who finds their keys can now look you up in the phone book and eventually return them to their rightful owner!

Wine Bottle Stoppers

Want practical wedding favors that may be put into use as soon as the day of your event? Chrome wine bottle stoppers are practical favors that most people will need in their homes. They are a preferred alternative to the corkscrew-wine lovers who have drank their share of cork pieces can tell you that. Pair your bottle stoppers with wine openers-both practical favors that will be used on a regular basis.

Choose practical wedding favors that will be of use to your wedding guests and serve as a constant reminder to them of your special day.

Practical Wedding Favors - Items Your Guests Can Really Use

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